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Jen Durlin
Mrs. Albert
April 5, 2005


LoTi 1 Essay


            Looking at the LoTi framework, as a teacher, I would consider myself to be at the beginning of level two. In the descriptions written in the article by Christopher Moersch, level two is described as the exploration level. It reads, “Technology-based tools serve as a supplement to existing instructional program (e.g., tutorials, educational games, simulations). The electronic technology is employed either as extension activities or as enrichment exercises to the instructional program.” Because level one states that computers are basically only used to enhance the teacher’s work, not the students, I believe I am past level one. With the right programs, and some simple direction, I believe I would be able to introduce certain programs to the students in order to assist the lesson I was teaching, or to provide practice activities for my students.

            Computers and technology can have many functions. I know that I am able to do the basics on the computer such as word processing, spreadsheets, research via the internet, etc. I also know that I am comfortable enough with these processes that I am able to teach my students how to use them, or how to research using the internet. Through the university, I have been taught the tools of internet researching such as key words for an internet search or how to make sure a website is valid. All these abilities seem to fall under Level One of the LoTi framework.

            I am confident that I have level one covered and secure enough to employ fully in the classroom. I say that I have moved on to level two because with the help of simple directions which can be provided either through the program being used or through a friend, I have enough knowledge of technology that I can figure out how to use programs. If I play around with a program a couple times before employing it in the classroom, I have confidence that I would be able to become comfortable enough with it to be able to use it in my instruction. Level two focuses on technology that can assist the lesson as enrichment assignments, so when I say “programs,” I am referring to programs such as Music Ace. I am comfortable with setting up a program, such as Music Ace, which has instructions for the students as they go along, and I can simply provide simple instructions and help when needed. I know this would motivate students and it would create a variety in he process of teaching.

            I would not consider myself yet at level three because I, myself, am not very comfortable with some of the technology which is listed under level three, such as graphing packages, probes, desktop publishing applications, etc. I know that in order to use this in the classroom, I need to feel comfortable with it so that I can provide ample instructions, as well as any assistance during the process.

            Level three provides a little more freedom than level two. Basically, I see the motivational benefits of technology in the classroom, but because of my lack of experience with anything beyond the “basics,” I would not be comfortable trying to teach students the more advanced processes used on the computer. I would definitely employ pre-made computer programs which provide directions for both myself and the students because then, I will not be the key resource for the answers. I am comfortable using technology to assist the practice part of a lesson, but I am not yet comfortable using it to allow the students to learn through it.

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