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Listserv Reflection

    The listserv we joined at the beginning of this portion of our methods class was incredibly useful! Some of the greatest advantages of joining a group like this, and of using it in a classroom setting are that questions get sent to everyone, so answers do not have to be repeated, there are so many people on the listserv that it does not take a long time for someone to reply, and if you have not yet experienced the problem that someone has sent a question about, the answer is always in your e-mail, so you can go back to it if you experience the problem later. For me personally, over the past five weeks, the listserv has been helpful to make sure the little details are worked out in my webpage. Even if I am not experiencing a problem, I read what the questions and answers are, and make sure I posted, uploaded, downloaded, etc. the correct way. It has saved me from a lot of headaches that I know would have occured without this listserv. Also, as soon as Danielle and I experienced an issue with our webpage, we sent out an e-mail to the listserv. This saved us a lot of time because we were able to move on to the next project, knowing that an answer to our problem would come soon. Without the listserv, we would've spent lots of time on our problem, trying to solve it in any way possible, and then, we would've tried to contact someone for an answer. Basically, the listserv saves people from many headaches and frustrations. In a classroom setting, as a teacher, it would be useful so you would not have to repeat yourself. Also, it would allow you to stay updated on the progress of your students. It breaks down the barriers of communication between teachers and students.