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Week 15 reflection: My Growth in My Ability to Integrate Technology (according to the LoTi framework)

    In my week ten reflection I felt as though I was past level one, but just beginning to embark on the second level of the LoTi framework. Now, at the end of these fifteen weeks, I feel as though I have made some progression. I would now place myself close to the end of level two, ready to experiment on the third level of the LoTi framework. Level two of this framework describes the technology in the classroom as a supplement to existing educational instructional programs. The information I have received about web-based scavanger hunts, WebQuests, and interactive online lessons has given me the tools and the familiarity with these tools to employ them in my teaching as supplemental activities. Level three then, is taking these tools which I have aquired, and putting them to first-hand use in the classroom. I say that I am ready to experiment with this level because as I, myself, become more comfortable with these tools, I will become more comfortable with allowing my students to use them in the classroom.
    Reflecting on these last five weeks, I have learned much more about computers and technology than I expected too, and I did not have as difficult as a time as I thought I would. I say this because, learning these new ideas and new tools was exciting and challenging. This excitement is what will motivate many students to become active and learn in the classroom. I didn't realize the benefits of using technology in a music classroom, but at the same time, I also did not realize the great educational resources which existed through technology. I did not know WebQuests existed! These are great tools to use in the classroom because they provide structured lessons, but they allow students to explore the concepts and have fun while they are learning. Interactive lessons are also a great resource to use so students feel involved in the learning process. As I employ these resources in the classroom, the students will also become more familiar with them, and we, as a class, will be able to begin to integrate these tools more readily into the classroom. It would be neat to take the students through a WebQuest, and then as a class, or in groups, develop a new WebQuest on a different concept.
    As I stated before, there are many resources on the internet, and just available through technology in general, that I never knew of. Some resources that are new to me are the WebQuests and scavenger hunts and other interactive web-based instructional tools, but also, the tools for teaching, such as the "QuizStar" and the rubric creater, are exciting new tools! I have learned that with a little research, time-saving, convienient tools for teaching are available for my use. Also, after completing my evaluation of software, I realized the benefits some software has for practice and reinforcement of concepts. These can be especially beneficial for students who are struggling with a concept and need extra help.
    In conclusion, these past five weeks have been an exciting time of discovery of new concepts and new abilities on my part. I have become more confident in my ability to learn new technologies, and my perspective of how technology can be used in the classroom has expanded greatly. I am excited to continue to learn more and to increase my ability in instructional techonolgy so that I will be able to implement it into my classroom in a beneficial manner for the students.