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Teacher Page
This page was developed to use as an instructional tool in the classroom. It fulfills the published requirements of the National Standards for Arts Education.
Lesson Plan

Grade Level: 7th-8th grades

Type of Lesson: Multicultural

Objectives/Goals of Instruction:
    Students will be able to...
       -identify various instruments from the Hispanic, South American, and Caribbean cultures.
       -identify specific sounds of instruments.
       -identify materials used to construct each instruments.
       -create a replica of a quica.
National Standards:
    9. Content Standard: Understanding music in relation to history and culture
          Achievement Standard:
             a. describe distinguishing characteristics of representative music genres and styles from a variety of cultures

    -computers (equipped with Windows Media Player)
    -dixie cups
    -background information on the Hispanic, South American, and Caribbean musical cultures

Teaching Process:
I. Introduction
    a. T gives brief 5-10 minute history lecture on the musical history of the Hispanic, South American, and Caribbean cultures.
II. Computer-assisted instruction
    -T directs S to 'home page' <>
    -T directs S to click on link to 'Student Page'
    -T tells S to click on first picture on the left hand side of page (quica)
    -S reads information on quica and T tells each S to listen to the sound clip
    -Class discusses the materials used to make each instrument as well as the specific sound it creates
    -Class repeats for each instrument on page
    -T demonstrates to S, how to make a homemade quica
    -T directs S to click on link from the 'Student Page' to the quiz
    -T directs S to take online quiz during the class period and then make the homemade quica when they are finished with the quiz
III. Review
    -T asks S to tell one new piece of information they learned during the class period

Formal assessment will be given through an on-line quiz which will be taken during the class period.

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